Time Doctor Software with a Number of Benefits

Time Doctor is amazing time tracking software that offers comprehensive analytics of where time is used up in the work day. You can see applications and websites stayed when performing and screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes while your personnel work.

Time Doctor offers a correct way to track time used up working and time spent on breaks. Your team associates can obtain lots more done every day, enhancing their output and decreasing misused time.

The time tracking data is precise to the second hence you can view where time is used up and you can also confirm where time is consumed. You can make use of this data to bill customers or to have a precise record for disbursing personnel.

The software can assist your company to enhance business procedures by investigating accurately where time is spent. Corporations will be able to able to manage distant workers only as if they were in a similar office, and they can preserve a high level of efficiency when working distantly.

Overview of Time Doctor Benefits

Time Tracking: Right time tracking assists to make sure that one and all are working professionally.
Avoid Distractions: Time Doctor Assists you pay attention by pushing you when you are unfocused from work.
Website and Application Monitoring: Get thorough visions of how you use your time to study your flaws so you can increase them.
Integrations: Time Doctor efficiently incorporates prominent project management apps such as WorkflowMax, Teamwork, Podio, Trello, JIRA, Freshdesk, Asana, and Basecamp.
Screenshot Monitoring and Recording: This exciting feature enables you to get screenshots of the computer screen every few minutes. This feature is valuable for tracking remote employees.
Client Login: Give your clients access to Time Doctor without any extra price. Your clients can easily access can be white-labelled with your own branding and can look on your own company’s domain. Your clients can take screenshots and statements of tasks worked on.
Payroll (optional): Simply pay your workers based on either hour tracked or secure salaries. The payroll setup is completely personalized and comprises a wide range of payroll times and supports all money.
API: Time Doctor’s API enables your own software application to communicate directly with Time Doctor. The API enables you to go through meticulous work data from your company’s account.
Flexible Configurations: Time Doctor can acclimatize to your needs. The software has a wide array of configurable options (even though most administrators will not ever need to fine-tune many of these settings after the preliminary set-up).
Private and Secure: Your information is secure with Time Doctor. The whole information, comprising screen captures, is encoded when sent to the Time Doctor servers. The dealer uses first-rate encryption techniques on excellent servers to make sure that your information is always safe and sound.
Easy Setup and Top-Tier Support: Almost any computer with an Internet connection can access Time Doctor – the task manager is presented for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Signup, installation, and setting up many users take less than five minutes.

Overview of Time Doctor Features

  • API
  • Assess productivity
  • Avoid distractions
  • Breakdown of how much time is spent on projects and tasks
  • Client Login
  • Give your clients access to Time Doctor at no extra cost
  • Integrations
  • Payroll
  • Reporting tools
  • Screenshot recording
  • Time tracking
  • Video tutorials
  • Webpage and application monitoring

How Much Does Time Doctor Cost?

Time Doctor charges $9.99/user/month and there is also an only great plan for $5/month and a free plan with restricted features. The merchant offers discounts for companies with over 10 users. Also 30-day free trial for all accounts is available for users.