The Fate of the Mobile App (Or Developers) in the Coming Years

Are you a tech freak? Do you like to make or break stuff related to the digital world? Do new things in the technical niche excite you? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are on the right page. Ever wondered what we all would do without the said applications on our mobile app devices?

The world seems gloomy; isn’t it? Now that we are living in the era of digitalization and developing grounds of technology, we cannot imagine life without certain apps. For example, the likes of usage of social media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) is so much all over the world that we can say it has already started a digital revolution in the past few years and look forward to more figures in the coming years as well.

Likewise, if we talk about eth usage of other apps, it won’t be wrong to say that the fate of the apps and the developers (or if you are thinking to be one in the future) is indeed sky high! There won’t be any looking back if you keep yourself associated with this mammoth technical turnaround.

  • More about the usage and implementation of the mobile applications

Well, by now we have already seen the huge effect that these mobile apps have on people on every platform and trade. Also, it is no more just limited to a certain age group or is only used by the urban-dominated society.

If we go by the statistical figures, almost 54% of the total time spent by people on various web platforms equals the usage of apps, next in line is desktop usage with 34% of the total time spent and last comes mobile web, which is as low as 9% of the total time spent.

So, it is clear from the figures that people like to spend more time on these apps generally than even the desktop or computers, and why not? The easy access and simple portability of this device make it the perfect choice for millennials these days to look out for almost anything and everything on the web world.

And slowly the figures in rural areas and in terms of aged people using these apps is also increasing as there are so many apps which makes life easier for us in many aspects.

  • So, it is a good signal for the app developers!

We can say that in the near future the app developers would be high in demand given the fact there is a rise in popularity and utility of these apps. There is one (actually many more) for every single category; be it sports, entertainment, shopping, health, finance, news and what not! People find these apps very useful in simplifying their day-to-day lives and this is one of the many reasons why apps and their developers have a great future ahead.


If you are willing to join the brigade of app developers and have a second thought about being successful in the future, then calm down and go for it without much hesitation. There might be other technologies coming in, but the requirement and popularity of the traditional apps are nowhere to die in the near future.