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There Is a Fine Line Between Graphic Design and Illustration

“To design is to communicate clearly by whatever means you can control or master” – Milton Glaser. When we talk of graphic design and illustrations, the common perception is obviously of expressing what you feel through the formation of art. Most digital marketers assume that graphic design and illustrations are something sort of similar. If they can think so, let alone what the commoners would think. It is not that these two have no similarities and do not cross paths but there is a fine line that separates these two fields of digital creative space.

If we go by the literal meaning of both, graphic design is mostly seen as a commercial art form that is targeted at the concerned audience for the purpose of communication whereas the illustrations are assumed to be a kind of creative interpretation to express more without showcasing many complex graphics.

What has changed in the web space related to these two forms of designing?

Well, if we go by the changes in the web world related to designing then we can say that earlier illustration played a big role in the creative world but with the advancement in the technological era, the charm is lost and graphic designing has taken over it a long time.

Be it the logo arts, texts or animations, graphic design is almost everywhere in the digital world and has succeeded in illustrations gracefully. Though we can’t deny the fact the use of illustration in bringing life to these art forms is still persuasive amongst the best of interest if we talk about technical advancements, graphic designing surely wins the rat race.

Illustrations can actually be referred to as visual interpretation of the texts whereas the graphic design may not have to be the visual interpretation but it can directly display the ideas and imaginations into a suited design form. This is the fine line where these two art forms differ majorly.

The implementation of graphics to bettering the website user experience

As we know now that both illustration and graphic designing are the two branches of graphics as a whole, we may now get to the utilization of these two in bettering a website. When digital experts build a website, there are a lot of things that must be taken care of, to make the user experience worthy when they visit the site.

That includes proving great web designing, good content creation, handsome marketing strategies and whatnot! In the midst of all these, the implementation of graphics is a very relatable effort one can put into the website to make it more apprehensive in terms of user experience.

You can use graphic design or illustration as a means of infographics to deliver an easy and quick understanding of the contents of your website. People understand illustrations better than words.

To conclude,

The usability and variations of graphics in making the web experience a better one have always been revealed ever since the technical world rose to fame. But with its major advancements in recent years, we get to see a lot more variations and growth in this sector. And graphic design or illustrations are a strong factor towards this contribution with a fine line in between.