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Mobile Apps Development: The Right Strategies Make the Best Outcomes

The creation and development of mobile apps is quite a big achievement these days in the digital marketing niche. People get access to a variety of things through this handy and easy-to-use application which serves the right purpose of education, informing, and entertaining people the right way.

But we as commoners do not know the techniques and time spent in making these apps which we normally get free from the app stores on our respective operating systems (Google play store, apple store, etc.).

The app developers need to go through various levels of development and management in implementing certain techniques to achieve success in the competitive market. Only the best survive and it needs the correct understanding of every step in app development to get it through the rat race.

So, what are the basic strategies that the app developer must keep in mind while they intend to make one?

The first thing that the app developers must keep in mind while making the apps is to figure out who is the target audience of their apps. Whether they are making any health-related app or creating games app, they must first know who can take interest in installing the apps.

It is quite a common thing to understand that regular utility app like communicative ones, entertainment or news, etc. is almost downloaded by people of all ages throughout the world.

And so, if you make something in this niche then you must create the content and the usability access keeping them in mind. Also, you must check the previous download statistics of the other apps on the same niche and thereon calculate your statistics and strategies of what to include and what to not!

Remember apps are not always targeted to have monetary benefits

Well, yes if we speak of it independently then gaining profits from the apps you create is not always is a good idea. As the in-app purchases, premium features, subscription payments, ad revenues, etc. may not always work unless you make a brand name for yourself or your services are worth the expenses.

Also, it takes quite a few of them for the new apps to make that place for themselves in the app world and also targeting monetary benefit right after creating and publishing the app does not make sense.

So, the developers who are eyeing on profits within short-term reaches might not be pretty impressed but the ones who have long time insights are the ones who can see good returns with passing time.

The idea matters at the end

Though this is the beginning of any revolutionary step you take in any market, in the end, only this matters. Once you have a full-fledged idea of what your visions are and what short-term or long-term goals you have regarding the app you want to develop, there’s no stopping you.

With the idea in your mind and the availability of so many resources, making an app which has fulfils your vision isn’t that hard. You just need the right motivation and strategy to start the project and stay deeply rooted with it until the competition. This dedication and insight into the work can emerge to be something praiseworthy.

Android or IOS: Which Is The Best Operating System?

When we talk about the best operating systems, the most common types are obviously Android and iOS of Google and Apple respectively, leaving behind windows or blackberry operators. They have their own versions and keep updating themselves according to the current digital trends and user requirements.

If we start a battle between these two operating system as to which one has more devotes and which one provides better services then the debate would be long and ending. Because the popularity of both of these operating system is huge across the globe.

But if we go by statistics, these two operating platforms accounted for almost 99% of sales of smartphones across the globe lately and thus, it is very difficult to judge the best between these two. But we can still figure out the best and the worst qualities these two possess in terms of every detailed feature.

So, let’s have a look at the distinctive features based on certain parameters of both the Android and the iOS systems to decide which one to go for when we opt for our next smartphone.

  • Affordability

If we talk about this particular parameter, it can be said that Android is a clear winner. You can easily get one for as low as 4-5 thousand rupees which is a high advantage of Android as compared to the iOS system which normally sells the cheapest phones at 20,000+ rupees. Isn’t it a huge difference and an advantage for android users? Well, indeed! There is one for all when you choose Android over iOS on the parameter of affordability.

  • App store

If we talk about the availability of a number of apps in both their pay stores then Android may be the winner with a hooping 3.5 million (approx.) apps in its play store as compared to 2.2 million (approx.) of iOS. But numbers aren’t always the best way to judge as because the basic and most used apps are found on both these platforms. When we talk about app developers, they choose the iOS platform for any new launch which is a plus point for iOS users. And also, the best quality games are supported on the iOS system only making it better in quality over quantity!

  • Battery life

This is the most sought-after requirement of every smartphone user as the need and usage of the phone entirely depend on the battery life. You cannot really go charging always or carry your charge bank with you wherever you go, so decent battery life is well appreciated by most smartphone users. And to speak the truth, here also android wins! It’s not that the battery life of iOS devices sucks, but comparing the prices at which we get a much longer battery life of android than iOS is really apprehensive. But if you are going to shell out more pennies on iOS, you can still enjoy better battery backup.

And, finally

There are several other parameters in which these two operating system can be judged, which include customizability, updates, calls and messaging, maps, email preferences, camera, photo backup, cloud services, security, voice assistants, etc. When we compare all these factors, we are able to find that in different categories, one of them wins over the other which ultimately leads to a conclusion that choosing the operating system depends entirely on your preferred category requirements and both have their uniqueness to applaud!

The Fate of the Mobile App (Or Developers) in the Coming Years

Are you a tech freak? Do you like to make or break stuff related to the digital world? Do new things in the technical niche excite you? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you are on the right page. Ever wondered what we all would do without the said applications on our mobile app devices?

The world seems gloomy; isn’t it? Now that we are living in the era of digitalization and developing grounds of technology, we cannot imagine life without certain apps. For example, the likes of usage of social media apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.) is so much all over the world that we can say it has already started a digital revolution in the past few years and look forward to more figures in the coming years as well.

Likewise, if we talk about eth usage of other apps, it won’t be wrong to say that the fate of the apps and the developers (or if you are thinking to be one in the future) is indeed sky high! There won’t be any looking back if you keep yourself associated with this mammoth technical turnaround.

  • More about the usage and implementation of the mobile applications

Well, by now we have already seen the huge effect that these mobile apps have on people on every platform and trade. Also, it is no more just limited to a certain age group or is only used by the urban-dominated society.

If we go by the statistical figures, almost 54% of the total time spent by people on various web platforms equals the usage of apps, next in line is desktop usage with 34% of the total time spent and last comes mobile web, which is as low as 9% of the total time spent.

So, it is clear from the figures that people like to spend more time on these apps generally than even the desktop or computers, and why not? The easy access and simple portability of this device make it the perfect choice for millennials these days to look out for almost anything and everything on the web world.

And slowly the figures in rural areas and in terms of aged people using these apps is also increasing as there are so many apps which makes life easier for us in many aspects.

  • So, it is a good signal for the app developers!

We can say that in the near future the app developers would be high in demand given the fact there is a rise in popularity and utility of these apps. There is one (actually many more) for every single category; be it sports, entertainment, shopping, health, finance, news and what not! People find these apps very useful in simplifying their day-to-day lives and this is one of the many reasons why apps and their developers have a great future ahead.


If you are willing to join the brigade of app developers and have a second thought about being successful in the future, then calm down and go for it without much hesitation. There might be other technologies coming in, but the requirement and popularity of the traditional apps are nowhere to die in the near future.

The Significance of Mobile Apps in Our Day To Day Lives

The growth in technology has indeed made life good for us. We don’t have to struggle these days to get the smallest of things done; it’s all done in a click! We can order food online, we can watch movies online, we can communicate with our friends and family across the world and what not through these digital developments!

One of the important aspects of digitization is obviously the invention of mobile apps. These days, people spend most of their time on their smartphones searching stuff, playing games or entertaining themselves through other means. And all these are somehow linked to the mobile apps that are available on the play stores of the mobile operating systems. We can find a suitable app for almost every type and according to our required niche.

Use the apps to increase the utilities of daily life

Well, it is a very astounding part of the digital development that we get an app for whatever reason we want it to be utilized. There is one in every category, be it entertainment, communication, news, education or anything for that matter. It is very important that we understand the usage of such apps an take it on our stride to utilize them abundantly and not overexploit it.

If we talk about the importance of these mobile apps in bettering our everyday lives then we can surely get some good insight into it to make our day and life better. Starting from the early mornings, we can install health apps for guiding us towards exercise regimes or providing is necessary info about healthy eating to start our day well.

Also, there are other health apps which let us know throughout the day about how much calories w burn or intake, how many steps we took, etc. to keep us informed about our health. This way we have an app for almost every purpose that can make our life easier and simpler.

What more can we do with mobile apps to make our lives better?

As we talked about health apps, in everyday lives we need other important aspects to survive. Like we need to communicate at large whether it is business or home. So, unlike before when the only option we had was to pay high call rates to the telecom operators to connect to people living far away, we can now use apps to not only chat and call but we can also make video calls to any part of the world through these apps.

Also, people can educate themselves quite a lot through thee apps as there are varieties of apps present on diverse categories, starting from general knowledge to university subjects as well. There are other apps which can help you plan for your day or the month and keep you informed about your upcoming schedules without you having to break your head to remember all. You can also order food, clothes, groceries, and everything through these apps which are better known as e-commerce applications.

So, to conclude

So, it’s an overall win-win situation for all of us who knows how to make comprehensive use of the mobile apps as they play an integral part in shaping our everyday lives in the best ways possible.